Tuesday, 31 August 2010

*"* Checklist.... No4. TICK*"*

*"* HEY *"*

OK ticked off one item of my winters wishlist for 2010!!

So as you can see in my previous post I have a 2010 A/W list of items I really want this year that I either missed out on last A/W or just really want this year anyways... (see below for more info) and one of the items was UGG's....this has changed to just furry boots as I don't have £140 to just throw away like that and won't for a while...or not at least one just one product, I would much rather pay for a look-a-like which is £30 and lots of other bits I want than £140 on the one item for the name.

ANYWAYS!! so these are the ones I just purchased...(see pic below)...they are in River Island, brand new in and only £29.99! I think they look much much nicer than UGG's and they are way softer and more waterproof (I've already trodden through a few puddles due to the recent weather and my feet were still bone dry when I took them off once home). They only come in brown but I'm totally in love with them and they are THE most comfy shoes/boots I have ever owned! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

So yeh, if your looking for some UGG like (but better and cheaper) boots this year, get down to your local River Island...or if you trust me enough just keep an eye on the site, they aren't on there yet as, as I mentioned, they are brand new but I'm sure they will be soon!!

Thanks for reading :-)

*"* BYEEEEEE *"*

Saturday, 21 August 2010

*"* A/W 2010 *"*

*"* HEY YA *"*

I don't know about you guys but there are a few of items that are back again this year that I didn't have last year and really REALLY want this year! (Click item for link to the wish-list item)

1) Cowboy boots
2) Military boots
3) Fur Coat OR THIS
4) UGGs - I know surprising huh, everyone has a pair of these ... except lil ol' me :(
5) Wellies!!!
6) A slimmer figure like I had in A/W 2009!

Yes even though I'm not exactly fat I have decided I need to eat less. Just like cut down my meal portions a little and don't snack as much. I do believe this is the best way to 'diet' as you aren't then taking away things your body needs, like carbs and protein, or putting things in it that it doesn't need like loads of syrup or pills. So if you guys, like me, feel like you wanna loose those last few pounds or more quickish, then this is the way to do it healthily and safely!

*"* BYE *"*

Thursday, 12 August 2010

*"* Daily Skincare Routine *"*

*"* HELLOOOO *"*

SO this, I believe, is the only skincare post I have, I don't have a vid yet either but that will be up soon! PROMISE! Its easier to talk to a camera I find :-) but here goes :-):

Ok so here's the products I use in the morning...every morning:

(Left to right):
Clinique 7 Day Scrub (sample from current deal) £16.50 (full size)
Simple Cleansing Lotion £2.99
Cinique Anti Blemish Solutions Gel £12
Clinique Superdefence Moisturizer SPF 25 (sample from current deal) £26 - 34 (full size dependent on skin type)

And these are all of my evening products:
(Left to right):
Superdrug Eye Makeup Remover £0.59
Simple Cleansing Lotion £2.99
Cinique Anti Blemish Solutions Gel £12
Boots Night Treatment Gel (Tea Tree + Witchhazel) £2.99

I'm highly recommending every product above except for the Superdrug Eye Makeup Remover as I am looking to replace this. Reason being is because it really makes your eyes sting whilst using I will update this when I have replaced it which will be soon! Well ASAP.

My skin type is a oily combination, it is very oily in my T and A zone and dry every where else and I am finding all these products (especially the Clinique ones) are very helpful with this. I now get a non-dry foundation more having to apply extra primer! I also have gone from loads of spots to just a few *touches wood* within a week! Which has really lifted my mood and my confidence and I really didn't realise how much of an impact that had on me!

I hope this is helpful to any of you that are in the same situation as me!

*"* BYEEEE *"*

*"* EYEKO nails *"*

*"* HEY AGAIN *"*

Whoot I'm on a roll here!! :-)

So courtesy of Moonbeamstarlight I got a collection of five EYEKO nail polishes for my 21st and I LOVE the colours! Looking at the website (CLICK ME) they are £3.50 each or you can get them in small set of three for £8.50 and a set of five for £14. And they are definitely worth the price! The colours are beautiful and are proven to be good for nail designs. HERE is a link to Moonbeamstarlight's latest video on a very creative and easy of doing it way to customize you nails...I must try this! They are quite matt (except for the Petite one which is quite sheer) hoever is a lovely finish and would be a perfect 'natural nail' colour for a French Manicure.

(Left to right):

Coral Polish (For resort nails)
Tes Rose Polish (For country nails)
Nude Polish (For perfect nails)
Petite Polish (For french nails)
Lilac Polish (For lovely nails)

Hope this is of use to you :-)


*"* Gillette Venus Divine *"*

*"* HEY YA *"*

Ok so just a quicky to let you know about the Gillette Venus Divine as it has been reduced in Superdrug to £3.49!!!! Yes thats right, I would say, one of their best razors at SUCH a low price....I don't need another one yet but I thought at that price pfff I'll just get it a matter of fact don't just get one (seeing as the heads are still £5.99 for 3) I got three! Which I know is a bit excessive but meh, cheaper in the long run right! :-)

Oh and their previous price was £6.69 :-)

*"* BYE *"*

*"* 3 for 2 on Rimmel *"*

*"* HEY *"*

Ok guys sorry I've not blogged in a while I got a little carried away with vlogging :) but I have some new bits to show you...I will do them in separate posts for you :-).

So in Superdrug at the moment they have 3 for 2 on all Rimmel products, just like they did in Boots last month. Last month I purchased three out of the four scented nail polishes (Cranberry Zest, Strawberry Fizz and Apricot Punch) so the only one I was missing was Lemon Drop ... but ... I now have that too along with a new top coat as the one I was using (Collection 2000) I found made my nails 'bubbly' so I'm giving this one a go, I also got a really nice pink for the 60 seconds collection:

(top left, clockwise):

60 Seconds 619 (1 sec application)
5 in 1 Base and Top Coat - NEW
Fruity Scent Lemon Drop 058
Fruity Scent Cranberry Zest 066
Fruity Scent Apricot Punch 053
Fruity Scent Strawberry Fizz 025

I really love all these colours although the Lemon needs at least two coats its very sheer. They all smell as named except the 'Cranberry Zest' it smells more like raspberries but hey ho its still nice. They are quite strong scents the lemon more than the others but thats also maybe because you have to apply more of it.

So yesh overall I highly recommend these, the Fruity Scents are only £2.99 each, the base and top coat is £4.49 and the 60 seconds is £3.49 so overall pretty cheap and worth the price!

See you in the next post!

*"* BYE *"*

Saturday, 31 July 2010

*"* Crimping....Likey or No Likey? *"*

*"* HEY *"*

So I've just come across a really random 'fact' about this autumns fashion and trends.....turns out CRIMPING!!! is IN?!?!?! I'm not too sure about this to be honest it is a very 'suits some and not others' trend. I personally find it makes my hair SOOO boofy and doesn't really suit me, but then the last time I crimped my hair was back in high like 7 years ago LOL! BUT on the up side they only cost like £15 for a decent pair of crimpers so if you wanna give it a try it may be worth investing in some now before companies get hold of the fact they are coming 'IN' and rocket their prices up!

Anywhos...what do you think about this? Have you tried it before? What was your experience of it? Are you willing to try it again?

Let me know guys!

*"* BYE *"*

Monday, 12 July 2010

*"* Aussie Event *"*

"*" HEY *"*

I was lucky enough to go as a guest to the Aussie Luscious Long Event on Saturday at the Avalon Lounge and I loved every minute of it! It was a fairytale theme and Prince Charming, Cinderella and Snow White joined us which was lush! I really did feel like a princess for the evening! There was loads of food and plenty of drink which always helps, especially as it was my first visit to an event and I didn't know most of the people there. BUT there was no awkwardness what so ever which was awesome and by the end of the night new friends were made which is always a bonus!

It was great fun and we got loads of tips from the stylists there. We also had the chance to put style tips into a box which will goes into the 'Hair Bible' - usefulness!!

If we wanted to we could also have our hair styled by the stylists there and they were so good at picking styles that suited each person individually and really quick and useful at the same time! I really struggle with up do's and they did a really cool one which is really easy to do..I will make a video :).

So yeah thats all for now, I will probably post again either later today or in the morning as I have spent more money recently that I don't have LOL :$ so I will post about that...Dont forget to check out my YT vids! Am spending tonight filming and tomorrow editing so there will hopefully be a few tomorrow!

*"* BYE *"*

Monday, 28 June 2010

*"*Just a quick update*"*

*"* HEY *"*

OK I know I haven't posted anything in a while..I'm sorry! But I didn't get my laptop back until saturday and now I have this horrible cold which is demanding me to stay in bed at the moment but I WILL get another video up in the next couple of days I promise!

So anyways I have done a video on the Clinique Anti-Blemish foundation now which you can check out HERE. Hope its useful, please leave any comments and questions.

I will be doing the new videos on my new bedroom...well thats already done I just need to be at home to upload it as the bf's connections painfully slow! So that will probably be up tomorrow then I will make a video on the latest products bought like products, DVD's and films seen and probably a random chat one :).

Love to all!! xx

*"* See you soon!! *"*

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

*"* New Sparkles *"*

*"* HEY *"*

As i had a free coupon for a dazzle dust (courtesy of last weeks More! magazine) AND superdrug have 2 for £7 on at the moment I ended up with 3 :-D. I got numbers 59, 78 and 86 (Lilac, Kingfisher and Pink Shimmer). I had a whole hand full of colours trying to decide and narrow it down to 3 as I can't afford more! And I managed to narrow it down to these 3:

I will do a vlog on these and maybe some tutorials with different cool effects you can create so keep watch :).

I also bought the Gosh primer today after using my mums and loving it! Its a little oily but you don't notice it on combination dry skin it kinda just makes it 'normal'. It really holds make-up well and I will let you know of more info on this after using it for a while...promise! :).

See you soon guys!

*"* BYE *"*

Monday, 14 June 2010

*"* Oh yeah!! *"*

I just thought I would mention the fact that I have redecorated my room lately ... well my dad has with my choice of furniture and colours etc :-). So the main choice is purple and pink with some creamy colours and FLUFFY STUFF hehe! So heres some pics I thought I'd share with you, let me know what you think...I will also do you a tour video Wednesday when I'm home again so keep an eye out on YT!! Love you!! xxx

*"* Just because I havent' posted anything in a while *"*

*"* HEY! *"*

Ok so I know I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought I would....Recently I was in the More! magazine YAY! (Page 72 issue 648) Gok recommended me an amazing mazi from Internacionale and it's only £10!!! Bargain!!! I'm just hoping it's the right length, as I am a short ass, when I find it! The bronze necklace and gold bangle are gorgeous too and I intend to buy these when I get some moneys as I am so skint now it suuucks! = bad times!

But anyways, in last weeks More! magazine there is a voucher for a free BarryM dazzle dust but I can't decide on a colour yet!! But I am going to buy it tomorrow as the voucher runs out so I will blog and vlog which one I buy :) (page 100 issue 648)

See you tomorrow!!

*"* BYE *"*

Thursday, 3 June 2010

*"* Top 5 recent buys!!! *"*


OK, so...I thought seeing as I've bought loads more products in the last few weeks I would give you a low-down on the top five:

1) 103 Forever Nude and 203 Fuchsia Obsession lip glosses from Loreal Paris. These are currently £7.99 each in Boots. I chose these two colours because Forever Nude is quite subtle and good for daily use, and Fuchsia Obsession is quite a nice metallic red that's not too bright. They are both non sticky after about 5 minutes of wearing them (providing you don't coat it on too thick!).

2) Sea Breeze nail polish from 17. This is only £2.99 which is an absolute bargain as it only needs a single coat (using base and top coat) and is a really summery bright colour. It dries within 30 seconds and if you do choose to add a second coat it looks even I don't see why you wouldn't! :)

3) Black and Ash liquid eye liner from E.L.F. Both of these colours work really well with any colour eye shadows and mascaras and are only £1.50 each! The brush isn't too thin or too thick and you can create both and thin and thick line easily along with any other addition, like a small flick, easy and without mistakes!

4) Red C44 Blush Cream from Ruby and Millie. This product is currently £12.50 in Boots which is more than I was willing to play but it was so worth it! You don't have to apply much and looking at the amount in it you'd have thought it wouldn't last long. I've been using it virtually everyday for the past 2 weeks and it still looks as good as new!

5) London and New York nail polishes from Nails inc ... the Diet Coke promotion. These two colours are absolutely beautiful. I'm not too keen on the brushes as the size of the lid makes it quite difficult to be as precise, however with a cotton bud and some nail varnish remover for the 'oops' bits it looks fab! This promotion is only on until June 6th 2010 so if you want them then get buying! All you need to buy is 2 bottles of diet coke and you can choose your colour out of the 4. And they are normally £10.50 each!

So yeah! Hope this is helpful! I'm going to record some more videos hopefully tomorrow, if not next week I will be busy catching you guys up! These products will probably come up!

*"* Bye *"*

Sunday, 30 May 2010

*"* New Stuff *"*

OK...soooo, I went to Westfield again a couple of days ago! I am currently wearing the new Clinique 'anti-blemish' foundation as I got a sample to test in the daylight which I am very pleased with, so the likeliness of me buying it tomorrow is very strong! At first under their lights I thought it looked a little yellow on my skin when they tested it on me in-store, but now under normal lighting and in daylight it looks really nice.

I have the Alabaster shade on as I have quite fair skin. This is the lightest shade they have in this specific brand of foundation, and is a perfect colour for my skin! It covers up all blemishes and it has dried my spot up so they aren't as big, red or ugly! I am really really impressed with this foundation! It is £20 but it's the best one I've used to date so when I get my camera cable back I will do a short video on this product for you guys!

Here is the link to it: I strongly recommend if you are debating buying this product to go in-store and get a sample first as it may not work on you, and you don't want to loose £20 when you could spend that on a foundation that works for you. If you haven't used a Clinique foundation before them ask them to do a skin test (ask questions like eye colour, how prone you are to burning etc to find out which category you fit under).

So yeah! See you soon....Bye!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

*"* Damn it! *"*

*"* Hey *"*

OK so I accidentally left my camera cable at home so I can't upload anything I record to my laptop which is so annoying because I set aside some time tomorrow to do some more videos and take some photos of my recent haul as I've spent far too much money in the last 6 weeks!

So anyways I will try and keep you guys up to date on here instead for the moment...and providing my battery holds out I will try and shoot some footage so its ready to just be uploaded and edited then posted! I do have some on my laptop from last week but I'm not sure I wanna use it - its not the best!

I'm not home again until like next Wednesday - not this one coming, one after - so...ah man this sucks!

I will maybe get my mum to post it too me lol?? is that just too sad?

O well, *"* Bye Guys *"*

*"* I stole!*"*

So I stole this off of Moonbeamstartlight's blog as I just really fancied doing a quizzy type thing tonight so, yeah ... here goes:

Never in my life have I been

The one person who can drive me nuts is my fiance, he know what buttons to press!

High school was OK but it could have been better. Much better...

When I’m nervous I feel like I really have to pee but then if I don't pee it makes everything 100 times worse!

The last song I listened to was Bad Boys - Alexandra Burke ... actually beginning to like thing song now, I wasn't a fan when it first came out but it's growing on me now :)

If I were to get married right now my maid of honour would be Sarah

My hair is not washed as the hot water is non existent in my flat right now and cold showers are mean!

When I was 5 I was busy plotting how I could get rid of my new sister :p

Last Christmas was one of the best I've had so far...only thing I would want differently would be that more family was there for dinner and that I could invite them to me instead of having to travel between all families ... GARRR

I should be sleeping as I have lots of work to do tomorrow

The happiest recent event was getting engaged!!!! EEEE :)

By this time next year I will have a flowing career, a proper vlog and blog and be living with my man

There’s this girl I know that is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, and she knows me better than anyone ever has....I guess it really helps that process when you live together huh :)

I like you when you make me laugh and smile :D

The world could do without a lot of things like criminals, nutjobs, violence etc....

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself is some white wedges to go with my new maxi dress as I'm 5'2' so as you can imagine, saying it touches the ground is an understatement!

Most recent thing someone else bought me is Look magazine :p, well actually we kinda shared i anyways but that;s all I could think of

My middle name is Louise

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are heavy ones like elephants and giraffes - lol - if planes can fly why can't they??? - oh wait I forgot about Dumbo!!!

Once, at a bar I had a really fussing customer who wanted his own cocktail which consisted of: sambuca, archers, malibu, apple sours, cherryade and red bull - he offered me some but I didn't taste it...sounds rank!

Last night I was sleeping off the anesthetic I had at the dentist so he could repair my tooth and replace the filling = bad times!!

There’s this guy I know who thinks he's going to be MP one day - PAHA! yeh, he's doing a degree in psychology and personally I think he the one that needs to be taking advice not giving it!

Tomorrow I am going to be going to buy a new ink cartridge so I can start getting my log book, which is in on Friday looking some way to decent

Tonight I am posting this, then falling asleep watching something random on iPlayer

My birthday is 2 days after I graduate!!! WHOOP

Another video going up tomorrow, comment, thumbs up and subscribe please!!

*"* Bye guys! *"*

Thursday, 20 May 2010

*more films or more hair, make-up and stuff??*


Ok so I'm starting up this blog page to go with my YouTube channel ( ) check it out! I've only just started making my own videos. It's something I've been interested in doing for a while now so I just kinda thought stuff it, do it! So yeah here I go....

If there's anything specific you would like to know about please leave a comment on my YouTube channel or one of the videos and I will try and get it done for you. It can be anything from my latest buys, to old / new films, and hair stuff or makeup know there's loads out there.

I love challenges and trying new things so of you can thing of anything...leave a comment!!

See you soon....Bye Guys!