Saturday, 31 July 2010

*"* Crimping....Likey or No Likey? *"*

*"* HEY *"*

So I've just come across a really random 'fact' about this autumns fashion and trends.....turns out CRIMPING!!! is IN?!?!?! I'm not too sure about this to be honest it is a very 'suits some and not others' trend. I personally find it makes my hair SOOO boofy and doesn't really suit me, but then the last time I crimped my hair was back in high like 7 years ago LOL! BUT on the up side they only cost like £15 for a decent pair of crimpers so if you wanna give it a try it may be worth investing in some now before companies get hold of the fact they are coming 'IN' and rocket their prices up!

Anywhos...what do you think about this? Have you tried it before? What was your experience of it? Are you willing to try it again?

Let me know guys!

*"* BYE *"*

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