Saturday, 22 May 2010

*"* Damn it! *"*

*"* Hey *"*

OK so I accidentally left my camera cable at home so I can't upload anything I record to my laptop which is so annoying because I set aside some time tomorrow to do some more videos and take some photos of my recent haul as I've spent far too much money in the last 6 weeks!

So anyways I will try and keep you guys up to date on here instead for the moment...and providing my battery holds out I will try and shoot some footage so its ready to just be uploaded and edited then posted! I do have some on my laptop from last week but I'm not sure I wanna use it - its not the best!

I'm not home again until like next Wednesday - not this one coming, one after - so...ah man this sucks!

I will maybe get my mum to post it too me lol?? is that just too sad?

O well, *"* Bye Guys *"*

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