Sunday, 30 May 2010

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OK...soooo, I went to Westfield again a couple of days ago! I am currently wearing the new Clinique 'anti-blemish' foundation as I got a sample to test in the daylight which I am very pleased with, so the likeliness of me buying it tomorrow is very strong! At first under their lights I thought it looked a little yellow on my skin when they tested it on me in-store, but now under normal lighting and in daylight it looks really nice.

I have the Alabaster shade on as I have quite fair skin. This is the lightest shade they have in this specific brand of foundation, and is a perfect colour for my skin! It covers up all blemishes and it has dried my spot up so they aren't as big, red or ugly! I am really really impressed with this foundation! It is £20 but it's the best one I've used to date so when I get my camera cable back I will do a short video on this product for you guys!

Here is the link to it: I strongly recommend if you are debating buying this product to go in-store and get a sample first as it may not work on you, and you don't want to loose £20 when you could spend that on a foundation that works for you. If you haven't used a Clinique foundation before them ask them to do a skin test (ask questions like eye colour, how prone you are to burning etc to find out which category you fit under).

So yeah! See you soon....Bye!

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