Monday, 14 June 2010

*"* Just because I havent' posted anything in a while *"*

*"* HEY! *"*

Ok so I know I haven't posted anything in a while so I thought I would....Recently I was in the More! magazine YAY! (Page 72 issue 648) Gok recommended me an amazing mazi from Internacionale and it's only £10!!! Bargain!!! I'm just hoping it's the right length, as I am a short ass, when I find it! The bronze necklace and gold bangle are gorgeous too and I intend to buy these when I get some moneys as I am so skint now it suuucks! = bad times!

But anyways, in last weeks More! magazine there is a voucher for a free BarryM dazzle dust but I can't decide on a colour yet!! But I am going to buy it tomorrow as the voucher runs out so I will blog and vlog which one I buy :) (page 100 issue 648)

See you tomorrow!!

*"* BYE *"*

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