Tuesday, 31 August 2010

*"* Checklist.... No4. TICK*"*

*"* HEY *"*

OK ticked off one item of my winters wishlist for 2010!!

So as you can see in my previous post I have a 2010 A/W list of items I really want this year that I either missed out on last A/W or just really want this year anyways... (see below for more info) and one of the items was UGG's....this has changed to just furry boots as I don't have £140 to just throw away like that and won't for a while...or not at least one just one product, I would much rather pay for a look-a-like which is £30 and lots of other bits I want than £140 on the one item for the name.

ANYWAYS!! so these are the ones I just purchased...(see pic below)...they are in River Island, brand new in and only £29.99! I think they look much much nicer than UGG's and they are way softer and more waterproof (I've already trodden through a few puddles due to the recent weather and my feet were still bone dry when I took them off once home). They only come in brown but I'm totally in love with them and they are THE most comfy shoes/boots I have ever owned! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

So yeh, if your looking for some UGG like (but better and cheaper) boots this year, get down to your local River Island...or if you trust me enough just keep an eye on the site, they aren't on there yet as, as I mentioned, they are brand new but I'm sure they will be soon!!

Thanks for reading :-)

*"* BYEEEEEE *"*

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