Thursday, 12 August 2010

*"* Daily Skincare Routine *"*

*"* HELLOOOO *"*

SO this, I believe, is the only skincare post I have, I don't have a vid yet either but that will be up soon! PROMISE! Its easier to talk to a camera I find :-) but here goes :-):

Ok so here's the products I use in the morning...every morning:

(Left to right):
Clinique 7 Day Scrub (sample from current deal) £16.50 (full size)
Simple Cleansing Lotion £2.99
Cinique Anti Blemish Solutions Gel £12
Clinique Superdefence Moisturizer SPF 25 (sample from current deal) £26 - 34 (full size dependent on skin type)

And these are all of my evening products:
(Left to right):
Superdrug Eye Makeup Remover £0.59
Simple Cleansing Lotion £2.99
Cinique Anti Blemish Solutions Gel £12
Boots Night Treatment Gel (Tea Tree + Witchhazel) £2.99

I'm highly recommending every product above except for the Superdrug Eye Makeup Remover as I am looking to replace this. Reason being is because it really makes your eyes sting whilst using I will update this when I have replaced it which will be soon! Well ASAP.

My skin type is a oily combination, it is very oily in my T and A zone and dry every where else and I am finding all these products (especially the Clinique ones) are very helpful with this. I now get a non-dry foundation more having to apply extra primer! I also have gone from loads of spots to just a few *touches wood* within a week! Which has really lifted my mood and my confidence and I really didn't realise how much of an impact that had on me!

I hope this is helpful to any of you that are in the same situation as me!

*"* BYEEEE *"*

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