Thursday, 12 August 2010

*"* EYEKO nails *"*

*"* HEY AGAIN *"*

Whoot I'm on a roll here!! :-)

So courtesy of Moonbeamstarlight I got a collection of five EYEKO nail polishes for my 21st and I LOVE the colours! Looking at the website (CLICK ME) they are £3.50 each or you can get them in small set of three for £8.50 and a set of five for £14. And they are definitely worth the price! The colours are beautiful and are proven to be good for nail designs. HERE is a link to Moonbeamstarlight's latest video on a very creative and easy of doing it way to customize you nails...I must try this! They are quite matt (except for the Petite one which is quite sheer) hoever is a lovely finish and would be a perfect 'natural nail' colour for a French Manicure.

(Left to right):

Coral Polish (For resort nails)
Tes Rose Polish (For country nails)
Nude Polish (For perfect nails)
Petite Polish (For french nails)
Lilac Polish (For lovely nails)

Hope this is of use to you :-)


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