Saturday, 21 August 2010

*"* A/W 2010 *"*

*"* HEY YA *"*

I don't know about you guys but there are a few of items that are back again this year that I didn't have last year and really REALLY want this year! (Click item for link to the wish-list item)

1) Cowboy boots
2) Military boots
3) Fur Coat OR THIS
4) UGGs - I know surprising huh, everyone has a pair of these ... except lil ol' me :(
5) Wellies!!!
6) A slimmer figure like I had in A/W 2009!

Yes even though I'm not exactly fat I have decided I need to eat less. Just like cut down my meal portions a little and don't snack as much. I do believe this is the best way to 'diet' as you aren't then taking away things your body needs, like carbs and protein, or putting things in it that it doesn't need like loads of syrup or pills. So if you guys, like me, feel like you wanna loose those last few pounds or more quickish, then this is the way to do it healthily and safely!

*"* BYE *"*

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